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A Change in the Weather

One thing I love about the San Francisco Bay Area is the diversity of the surroundings. You can look to the east and see the rolling brown hills, look to the west and see green and trees. In the early morning there is often a layer of clouds that quickly burn off for a day of blue skies. This one spot seemed have all of those different environments at the same time.

A Change in the Weather

Trail to the Clouds

The hike down this dry trail was getting a little boring until I rounded the corner. Suddenly I was in an entirely different place above the clouds that were rolling in from the ocean. My destination was Stinson Beach below, and the change in landscape made it feel so much closer.

Trail to the Clouds


Taking a road trip now is easy. You just drive and stop a lot to take pictures. I’m pretty sure riding in this wagon came with a different set of priorities.


Capitola Sunrise

An unusually warm and clear weekend in Capitola meant some great early light over the ocean.

BU Bridge

The view of the train bridge converted to a bike path from the Boston University Bridge almost gives you too much to take in at once. Graffiti, boats, skyline, all very different elements in one place. While I was standing here a sailboat slowly crashed into the bridge, and was quickly pulled away by another boat. These rental boats must get some good abuse!

Longfellow Bridge

Rusty detail of the railing of the Longfellow Bridge in Boston, MA.

A Royal Antique

A dusty old typewriter is something you don’t see around much anymore.

The Way Out

This was the first thing I saw after emerging from a cave dive in Mexico. The cave was called Kukulkan. True, it was the way we came in, but from this vantage point I was still in the water after swimming through caves, and it looked quite different. I can’t say I was in a hurry to get out of this place, but the effect of the light at the end of the tunnel got my attention.

The Slowest U-Turn

What is a photographer to do on a rainy weekend in Sacramento? I decided to go snail hunting, and I found many right in my yard. This one was easy to find, and was a little camera shy, turning away from my camera every opportunity he got.

There Once Was a Tree..

..and then there was an ocean. I think the ocean won this battle.

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