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Happy Place

The world can be crazy, sometimes you just need to think about a happy place. I love the rocky and cold beaches of Northern California, and this image sums them up pretty perfectly.

Happy Place

Back to Summer

I recently said I was ready for winter, but then last weekend rolled around. I did a great hike and enjoyed one of the warmest beach days I’ve had in Northern California in a long time!

Back to Summer

Kite Over Haystack

When I first got to Haystack Rock in Oregon I was disappointed there were so many people on the beach. I thought they would just get in my photo, but one person helped out and flew a kite to add some nice color to the sky.

Kite Over Haystack

Capitola Sunrise

An unusually warm and clear weekend in Capitola meant some great early light over the ocean.

A Bend in the River

Actually this isn’t a river, it is the ocean receding at low tide, but the crazy path the water chose to take is worth noting. I could have sat here all night taking photos of the dramatic sky, but the tide was coming back in and my path home was getting wetter by the second.

The Breakwater

When I was in Cape Cod I of course wanted to see the two lighthouses out at the very tip of the Cape. I was able to make it to one, and this was the very breakwater I crossed to get there. The view on the way back was stunning!

The Lighthouse

This lighthouse is in a unique location. It is at the tip of Cape Code in Massachusetts. To reach it, you must cross a long breakwater. I was warned by some locals not to linger too long, or the tide may come in and make for either a very wet return, or an evening out on the Cape. This isn’t exactly a sunset shot for that very reason, but I was able to make use of the sun with the time that I had.

Ready for Summer

See, I told you I was ready for summer! Ok, maybe I’m not quite ready, but these kayaks sure are. They are just waiting for the right person to come along and rent them for a nice paddle off Cape Cod.

Feelin’ Beachy

This restaurant that extended out onto the beach was a common sight in Playa del Carmen. To get this shot the way I wanted it I had to do a little bit of shooting from the hip, and I think I got lucky with the timing of the clouds and some of the patrons! I miss this place, with a cool and rainy week in progress here I’m ready to go back!

Fatima I & Fatima IV

Two boats and a few groups of crazy kids on the beach.

What more needs to be said?

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