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Fast and Fashionably Furious

This might not be the kind of Fast and Furious that is all the rage these days, but I’m still fully on board. If I had the opportunity to drive this Ferrari I might just take it to a screening of the latest installment of the infamous movie franchise.

Fast and Fashionably Furious

Dearly Departed

This is just one example of the intricate headstones at the Granary Burying Ground in Boston. Old cemeteries such as this one, founded in 1660, have a completely different feel to them than modern cemeteries.

Boston Skyline

I’ve been in Boston quite a bit recently, so I decided to enjoy this particularly cold night out at Piers Park photographing the city. A few tiny clouds rolled in at just the right time to make things a bit more interesting.

Northeast Late Fall

I really wanted to know what was in that shed, but I decided to heed the warning on the door.

BU Bridge

The view of the train bridge converted to a bike path from the Boston University Bridge almost gives you too much to take in at once. Graffiti, boats, skyline, all very different elements in one place. While I was standing here a sailboat slowly crashed into the bridge, and was quickly pulled away by another boat. These rental boats must get some good abuse!

Vertigo Street

I like cities, I like buildings, but I liked this particular street a little bit more at an angle.


Good advice, why not just chill?

Longfellow Bridge

Rusty detail of the railing of the Longfellow Bridge in Boston, MA.

Stata Center

The Ray and Maria Stata Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I was in the area and knew I had to photograph this building. The challenge with anything that is well photographed is to do something different. I’m probably not the only person to take this angle, but I wanted to focus on looking up at this crazy building, and made a jagged overhang the foreground of the shot.

Bottom of the Stairs

The view of the bottom of some of the 294 steps to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument in Boston. I’m a photographer, but I’m also an engineer so I was impressed with the structure and the patterns inside of the tower.

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