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Marble Marble Marble

I had a great long weekend in Boise, hit some mountain bike trials, floated down the river, and generally enjoyed the vibe of the town. Just don’t tell people you are from California or about half of the folks you meet might suggest you go back to where you came from. What people in Boise do love is marble, as they have used literal tons of it to build the very beautiful Idaho State Capitol.

Marble Marble Marble

Golden Palace

Taken at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. I really loved the crazy colors on these statues. Getting a shot of them from below let me show off their intricate colored tiles against the gold temple and blue sky.

Red Wall

I was certainly a tourist in this place, but I’m not sure that this particular travel agency was open.

Stuck in a Glass Box

Taken from the observation deck on the Sears (Willis) Tower in Chicago. These observations areas, which are essentially glass boxes, give you a view of the city in all directions including straight down!

Longtail Boats

The colorful ribbons on the front of longtail boats in Thailand are to protect the boat and it’s passengers and ensure a save voyage.  My trip was safe and the voyage was amazing.  This line up of boats was on the islands of Koh Phi Phi.  The water was perfectly clear and the beach itself was just pristine!

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