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Marble Marble Marble

I had a great long weekend in Boise, hit some mountain bike trials, floated down the river, and generally enjoyed the vibe of the town. Just don’t tell people you are from California or about half of the folks you meet might suggest you go back to where you came from. What people in Boise do love is marble, as they have used literal tons of it to build the very beautiful Idaho State Capitol.

Marble Marble Marble

First Tree

The First Family of California really knows how to decorate for the holidays!

Capitol Flyover

The Space Shuttle Endeavour makes one more pass, this time over the California Capitol.


This morning’s final flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavour included this Sacramento flyover. The impressive crowd came prepared with cameras and binoculars. The Endeavour has now landed in Los Angeles, home to the California Science Center which will soon be the shuttle’s permanent home.

This Old Tree

Even in the city of trees, it is rare to find one that has been standing for 126 years. Sadly this one is sick and needs to come down. If any Sacramento tree fans want to see it one more time be sure to swing by 18th and Capitol before Aug. 22nd.

I Can Feel It Slipping Away

This wide angle shot makes it feel as if the scene is slowly slipping away, all the way to the Capitol in the distance.

Pucker Up Fishy Lips

I wish that this was one of my scuba diving photos but it is not. Instead it was taken in a fish tank, but I like it anyway. This little fish was puckering up for someone!

Capitol Christmas

The Christmas Tree as seen in 2008 in front of the State Capitol of California. I have a Christmas party tonight so I thought this photo was appropriate!

The California State Capitol

The California State Capitol as seen on a clear afternoon. Tomorrow is election day, so this is your reminder to go out and vote if you want to have some voice in what goes on inside here!

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