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I’d Travel All the Way Here for the Anemones

I love the sea, I love the fish, but I’d go on an entire dive trip just to watch the anemones slowly wave in the current.

I’d Travel All the Way Here for the Soft Coral

Richelieu Rock

One of my best dives in Thailand was at Richelieu Rock. This reef has a crazy amount of life, both fish and corals, and in this spot they all swirl together to make a very busy but very intricate pattern. The rock itself barely sticks out of the water, and is pretty far from other islands. This isolation must make it a safe place for all this life to exist.

Richelieu Rock

Nice Night for Fishin’

As usual I came here for the sunset, but word on the street is that this beach is also a good place to catch some fish. On this night everyone got what they wanted!

Nice Night for Fishin'

Chilling in the Coral

This fish must have thought he was perfectly safe in the coral. Eventually I got too close and he took off, but I had time to get this shot while he was just hanging out doing his thing.

Chilling in the Coral

Two Friends

I can’t explain why these guys wanted to hang out together, but they were inseparable the whole time I snorkeled with them. I like to think they were just friends, but maybe it was a camouflage technique. I’ve been holding onto this image for awhile as there was a lot of nasty backscatter in the original. Now I’m benefitting from a friend’s new knowledge, and used some new to me techniques to really clean this image up so I could post it!

Two Friends

Little Fish

I was surrounded by these little fish diving in Cozumel. OK, I might have scared a few off by swimming by and bursting a few flashes from my camera!

Pucker Up Fishy Lips

I wish that this was one of my scuba diving photos but it is not. Instead it was taken in a fish tank, but I like it anyway. This little fish was puckering up for someone!

The Lionfish

Your friend and mine, the lionfish. Just don’t touch him, he is quite poisonous. These guys were everywhere when I was scuba diving by the Similan Islands off Thailand.

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