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I’d Travel All the Way Here for the Anemones

I love the sea, I love the fish, but I’d go on an entire dive trip just to watch the anemones slowly wave in the current.

I’d Travel All the Way Here for the Soft Coral

Dripping Rock

The limestone rocks of Phang Nga Bay have two neat party tricks. They can both stick sharply out of the water and also look like they are dripping back into the water as they are eroded away by the bright green water below.

Dripping Rock


I love nudibranchs. Very tiny, hard to find, hard to photograph, and full of so many crazy colors when you get the photo right. I could spend a whole dive getting a good shot but normally have to move one after taking a few pics. Some would call this a sea slug, but I think the proper name for this one, Dermatobranchus Ornatus, rolls of the tongue much better!


Richelieu Rock

One of my best dives in Thailand was at Richelieu Rock. This reef has a crazy amount of life, both fish and corals, and in this spot they all swirl together to make a very busy but very intricate pattern. The rock itself barely sticks out of the water, and is pretty far from other islands. This isolation must make it a safe place for all this life to exist.

Richelieu Rock

Out to Sea from Koh Phi Phi

Taken from onboard the boat taking us away from this beautiful island, and on to the next stop. We were hard to miss with this bright red deck against the water.

Out to Sea from Koh Phi Phi


Lychee available from a delicious Thai Grocer. I thought it was more interesting to take pictures of it than to eat it.

Street Food

Street food, Thai style. These vendors were everywhere in Bangkok, and you had to at least try it. Most of the street food was actually very good, and certainly an experience!

Bangkok at Night

A scooter races by the bright lights of Soi Cowboy in Bangkok at night. We made our trip though this street short, but not before I had time to get some pictures of the neon lights and scooters racing everywhere.

Golden Palace

Taken at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. I really loved the crazy colors on these statues. Getting a shot of them from below let me show off their intricate colored tiles against the gold temple and blue sky.

Pick a Cab, Any Cab

I’m going to break away from my winter theme for a bit and go back to warm and sunny Bangkok, Thailand. This is a very typical line up of taxi cabs and tuk tuks. I think they try to differentiate themselves with bright colors, very different than the typical yellow we get here in the United States. It was chaos at every intersection, with cars, tuk tuks and motorbikes all racing each other trying to get through the busy streets.

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