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Little Nemos

These little clownfish, or as they might be more affectionately known as Nemo, love to hide in anemones. They love it so much in fact that it took quite a while for me to catch them lined up just like this and grab a photo.

Little Nemos

I’d Travel All the Way Here for the Anemones

I love the sea, I love the fish, but I’d go on an entire dive trip just to watch the anemones slowly wave in the current.

I’d Travel All the Way Here for the Soft Coral

Sea Anemone

This was taken in Monterey California, but not at the aquarium.  It was taken close to the breakwater in the ocean.  This was my first dive with a new camera setup, and it was a test dive for an upcoming trip.  I didn’t get a lot of great shots due to conditions, but this one was particularly clear and I really like the way the wavy tentacles turned out.

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