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Green and Gold at Lambeau Field

The Packers may not always win, as will be apparent by their absence this weekend, but seeing a game at Lambeau Field is always a good time. True fans endure the cold and inclement weather to yell GO PACK GO and cheer on The Pack!

Green and Gold at Lambeau Field

Christmas in the Rotunda

To see this tree you only have to take a few steps away from the crowds of Union Square. The tree itself is huge, but all the intricate details of the surrounding room really make it feel extra festive.

Christmas in the Rotunda


There is only one good thing about hot smoggy days in California — the sunsets are even better! I’ve been wanting to photograph this spot for awhile. Can you guess what it is? The observant viewer can click on the image for a map if you need a clue.

…And Another

In only a few minutes the light really changed. This photo was taken in the same spot as the previous image at a slightly different time and angle.

Golden Staircase

This was taken inside the Pilgrim Monument on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. I wasn’t as eager to start the hike up the stairs as I was to get a photo of the interesting symmetry on the way up. I also liked the way the combination of man made and natural light give the stairs different colors.

Golden Palace

Taken at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. I really loved the crazy colors on these statues. Getting a shot of them from below let me show off their intricate colored tiles against the gold temple and blue sky.

Fall Fence Line

This old fence along a meadow in Tahoe has a perfect fall feeling to it. The colors weren’t at their peak but there was some nice contrast between the trees and the meadow.


There are many Temples, or Wats in Thailand, and many of them have lots of gold.  This one in Chiang Mai is certainly an example of the Thai’s love of gold.  It is very well lit at night to make it really shine.

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