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All the Lines

It can be easy to focus on what is in front of you in the hustle and bustle. Cities like Hong Kong are all about building towards the sky, and make it fun to take a minute to look up to really appreciate the architecture.

All the Lines

Stuck in a Glass Box

Taken from the observation deck on the Sears (Willis) Tower in Chicago. These observations areas, which are essentially glass boxes, give you a view of the city in all directions including straight down!

Hello City

A piece of the San Francisco skyline. On a clear day from the Ferry Building in San Francisco, this is the view that you will see. The sky layered nicely with the different buildings as the spread out into the distance.

The L

I guess I’m in a Chicago kind of mood. ¬†On a morning shoot I caught the frequent L train buzzing by above the street, and thought that capturing a bit of motion would make this image more interesting.

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