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Mossy Light

Covered in moss and covered in light makes for quite the combo.

Mossy Light


High on my list of things to see in Iceland was the puffins. I waited in this spot for quite some time but only saw them flying pretty far away. After a few more moments of patience they started popping out of their nests in the ground literally all around us! I can confirm they are even better looking in person than they are in this image.


All You Need Is Love

As seen in Cozumel, the message is universal.

All You Need Is Love

Brightly Lit Vineyard

This vineyard was absolutely glowing. Everything about it, from the grass to the leaves to the sky was alive with light.

Every Color

An interesting sculpture in Sacramento that contains almost every color of the rainbow. The way this shot turned out reminded me a little bit of the colors of Easter so this was a good day to post it. I took this in front of what used to be a paint store, so the wild display of colors makes perfect sense.

Bangkok at Night

A scooter races by the bright lights of Soi Cowboy in Bangkok at night. We made our trip though this street short, but not before I had time to get some pictures of the neon lights and scooters racing everywhere.

Cenote Exit

This was the very first cenote a saw on my trip to Mexico. It just so happened to be on the property of some friends who live down there! I might have seen a few later on that were more photogenic, but this one left an impression on me and it is very unique. The bright light shining in from the entrance really contrasts with the dark deeper reaches of the cenote.

Sky Flyer

I have mixed feelings about the California State Fair.  On one hand it is an event full of colors and excitement, on the other hand it has a lot going on and can be a bit much to handle with all of the chaos.  In honor of me not going to the State Fair this year, I’m posting some old pictures of when I did go.  This one is of a ride called the Sky Flyer.  Some things I do love about the state fair are all of the old style lights and signs, and this ride had plenty of that!

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