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Round and Round

Sometimes it’s nice to take a ride, and sometimes it’s nice to take a picture of the ride!

Round and Round

Preparing to Stick the Landing

I will have an opportunity to photograph some birds in the next few months, so I decided to get some practice in and catch some of the last few hummingbirds of the season. This fountain is a known place to spot them, and I was able to catch this guy coming in for a landing and a bath.

Preparing to Stick the Landing

Late Spring Snow

It snowed in Tahoe at the start of the Memorial Day weekend this year. Given the low amount of snowfall this past winter, I didn’t have high expectations for the waterfalls. On a hike above Wrights Lake I discovered a few perfect inches of snow around Silver Creek and just enough of it was melting to create some great little waterfalls!

Nike Women’s Marathon

I was in San Francisco recently to cheer on my favorite runner in the Nike Women’s Marathon. I don’t think I’ve ever been in Union Square for sunrise before so I took the opportunity to work on my photography!

Bridge Streak

A car zips by on the Charlestown Bridge. I had to find something to give this old bridge a little more action, and the traffic flowing by fit perfectly.

Night Driving

This is a project I’ve wanted to do for a while. The idea is simple but the execution can be a little more difficult. I mounted my camera with a wide angle lens between the seats of my car. With the manual exposure set and a remote shutter release in my hand I was off to the races, or at least the city streets. I had a little help from my trusty assistant to fire a flash inside the car manually during some of the exposures. My first attempt was with 3.2 sec exposures, and I liked the results. I’ll play around with varying the time next, so I either get blur, or more sharp context for what is going on outside the car.

After taking a ton of photos driving around looking for lights, I decided what I had would work well as a video. So here you go, not only a photo but also a video I put together of the shots from the evening!

The astute viewer will also notice a little subtle advertising!

Bangkok at Night

A scooter races by the bright lights of Soi Cowboy in Bangkok at night. We made our trip though this street short, but not before I had time to get some pictures of the neon lights and scooters racing everywhere.

The Ashland Hotel

I knew I had to capture this historic hotel in Ashland Oregon, the clouds were perfect and I was able to incorporate what little traffic there was in this town into the shot.


At the Outsidelands concert in San Francisco, they have a huge wine tent called Winelands.  This is a view of all the great wine tasting that goes down inside.

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