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This Old Oak

An old oak tree, the setting sun, and a vineyard. Fall colors don’t really happen in most of Northern California, but there are still places to take advantage of the cooling weather and take some photos.

This Old Oak

Sloping Vineyard

This photo sums up my weekend pretty well. Sunny days and plenty of vineyards and wine. I was in Healdsburg and had an excellent time!

Brightly Lit Vineyard

This vineyard was absolutely glowing. Everything about it, from the grass to the leaves to the sky was alive with light.

Fall Vineyard

A recent trip to Healdsburg made a great opportunity for some fall photography! This shot is from Ridge Vineyards. The view from their tasting room of their vines as they lost their leaves with the hills in the backgrounds had some great contrast. Early winter weather in the area had left some snow on nearby mountains, but these were low enough to not have any snow dusting.

Smudge Pots

These smudge pots in Napa are used to prevent front damage to the grapes. They burn diesel fuel when there is a chance of frost and create a smokey layer that protects the grapes from freezing. This lineup of smudge pots look like they have been around awhile, and maybe even used for BB gun target practice!

The Grapes?

I’m not sure what was growing in this field, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t making wine with it this year. It did make the scene non-typical for a vineyard in Napa, and the blossoms really popped against the sky.

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