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Desert Nights

I take my camera everywhere. On this trip I didn’t expect to do much shooting, but since I brought it with me I had to get out and shoot at least once. The result was an accident, it must have been the only car that drove by while I was out there. I just happened to be in the middle of a long exposure to get the dreamy look in the palm trees. The car went by leaving the light streaks and I knew I could call it a night!

Desert Nights

A Ray of Light for New York City

The World Trade Center Transportation Hub was just getting the final touches when I visited in 2016. Through the last of the construction I caught a purple ray of light in my lens that I thought fit this place just perfectly.

A Ray of Light for New York City

Don’t Look Directly at the Sun

It’s OK to point your camera at the sun, though, especially if you get a sun star and rainbow like this! The Flatiron Building in New York City is impressive on its own, but combined with direct sun and the glass of this lens I was able to get some unique results! Sometimes lens flare isn’t such a bad thing!

Don't Look Directly at the Sun

Winter Trees

The leaves are starting to fall off of the trees and soon they will all look like this. I liked the way the outer trees framed this shot, and some smaller trees in the middle let the sun just poke through.

101 California

This spot on California St in San Francisco made an interesting focal point. I shot into the sun and didn’t mind the way that the flare turned out, I think it adds a little bit to the photo.


The sun was sitting perfectly at the base of this tree to give me some interesting lens flare.

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