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Holding on for Life

Sometimes, to get that sweet sweet nectar you have to do extraordinary things.

Holding on for Life

Nothing to See Here!

Nothing to see here, certainly not a friendly little green bug just trying to blend in with the little green bits of this flower. Move right along please and don’t bother the bug!

Nothing to See Here!

Shoo Fly

I’ve recently had a few unwelcome visitors in the house. Normally I wouldn’t find a fly that interesting, but this one was slowing down in his old age and did a good job of posing. I offered him one photo op before sending him to the trash can.

It Is Easy Being Green

I photographed this bug in his natural environment of course, on the edge of a paper grocery bag!


I was in the backyard taking photos of the very last rose left at the end of summer. I thought the photos would be OK but typical. I was so intent on keeping the shot in focus I didn’t realize I wasn’t the only one enjoying that very flower!

Hi Friend!

Sometimes the best subjects pop up right in your own backyard. That was the case with this praying mantis. He was just hanging out by a potted plant in the backyard waiting for me to come by with my camera.

Green Friend

This crazy bug was called to my attention one fine morning.  At first it looked like he could have been a leaf perfectly placed on the back of a chair, but on further inspection I saw it was in fact a very curious bug.  As I got very close to him to take this picture he tried to reach out and practically jump onto my lens.  It was almost as if he wanted a closer look!

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