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Holding on for Life

Sometimes, to get that sweet sweet nectar you have to do extraordinary things.

Holding on for Life

A Bee’s Work is Never Done

This bee was working all day, and still had more pollen to collect. You can see it covering his legs as he continues on performing his one duty for the day.

A Bee's Work is Never Done

Spring has Sprung!

Get out there and enjoy the flowers. This bee certainly is!

Spring has Sprung!

Hydrangea Bee

I knew I had to get some photos when the hydrangea in the backyard was in full bloom.  There were so many bees out that day I thought this would be easy, but these little guys move fast.  I finally caught a good one.  This is one of my favorites that I’ve taken recently.

Escaping Bee

While walking around the California State Capitol one day I noticed some nice bottle brush that I thought would make a nice photograph.  There was only one bee there, and I caught him just as he was getting ready to fly  away.  Certainly made it more interesting than the bottle brush alone.

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