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Right In Your Own Backyard

Stay home they say. It will be fine, they say. I usually prefer travel and landscape when it comes to
photography, but you can stay home and find things to shoot right around you. It is spring and the hummingbirds are out. A little bit of patience and you might catch one just outside your windows like I did for this shot.

RIght In Your Own Backyard

Soaring into 2020

Normally I’m more interested in landscapes than birds in flight, but when I knew there would be a bald eagle nearby I rented a big lens (not big enough) and stalked this eagle until I got the shot. Cheers to another great year and to soaring into 2020 with big things ahead of us!

Soaring into 2020

From the Air

The flight from San Jose to Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula was booked as a simple way to get from point A to point B. Views like this meant it could have just as easily been a sightseeing trip!

From the Air

Mt. Rainier

A flight into Seattle, and a gorgeous view of Mt. Rainier between the clouds.

Mt. Rainier

The Stevenson

Call it the Stevenson Expressway, call it Interstate 55, but I call it a nice photo from the air. I was in Chicago and caught this view on my flight out. Of course I was hoping for a strange and unlikely route back across the city skyline from Midway, but that didn’t happen. Then I was hoping for some beautiful light from sunset that happened a few moments before this, but they turned the plane around and went back to the gate to pick up a passenger (honestly!) burning my precious time. In the end it all worked out, and I got some nice lighting in the sky and an interesting interchange below.

Nice Prop

Electronic shutters can do amazing things, and strange things too.


I spent a long time standing in the rain to get this shot. There were plenty of hummingbirds zipping back and forth, but they were all so fast it was hard to stay focused on one long enough to get a few shots before it was gone. I like the way this one turned out, and the way the spot on the neck of the hummingbird matches the plants.

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