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Trail on the Edge

California redwoods grow in some rugged and beautiful places. Butano State Park is full of steep ravines and trails that will take you through them. It is a great place to check out the redwoods in all their glory.

Trail on the Edge

Just Below the Clouds

This is my lucky 200th post! Why is it lucky? It is because if I’m lucky, by posting a picture of snow for such a milestone for my blog, I will get more snow in Tahoe! Happy 200th post to me!

This was taken on one of those amazing days at Squaw Valley. The cloud level kept rising and falling. Sometimes we were in the clouds, sometimes they were just above us and everything seemed perfectly clear.

Fall Ginkgo

This Ginkgo tree was just starting to turn yellow for the fall, and each leaf had a perfect gold edge to it.

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