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Ice Cold!

I wish I was feeling ice cold right now! It hit the 90s in the Bay Area today, much too hot for my liking. I’m thinking back to when I was on this amazing beach in Iceland two years ago. There is a huge bay surrounded by a glacier nearby where icebergs break off from the glacier and float out into the ocean. Small chunks wash up on the black sand beach, like this unique little bit of ice.

Ice Cold


A trip to Iceland should start with some ice. While much of the country is very green, I wanted to make sure I got to see the glaciers. This boat tour of Glacier Lagoon, or Jökulsárlón got us up close and personal with the glacier and the many icebergs that break off from it and float in the water. It was crazy to see this pure blue ice moving around the lagoon, and knowing that these were just tiny chunks of the massive glacier.


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